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Etuvo services

Etuvo is involved in a wide range of advice, support and operational outsourcing with the intention to “look ahead and move forward”.

We can act across R & D, engineering, projects, operations, marketing, sales, strategy and management:

We can accompany you in crisis and change management, in your investment projects, in external or internal growth strategies, in starting-up of subsidiaries or in partnerships management.

In difficult times, we can restore performance of failing entities, optimize cost structures, reduce non quality and quickly regain profitability.

At the operational and industrial level, we offer outsourcing solutions, project management solutions and technical assistance.

In the commercial field, we can accompany you during calls for tenders, negotiations, drafting and review of contracts, key account management and suppliers’ management.

We can coach your managers, facilitate transition and organisation changes, or generate and management inter discipline and inter-cultures projects.

We work in reimbursable contract or under lump sum contract.

In all cases, we adapt to the structures, cultures and the size of our clients in order to deliver a tailor made service, flexible in time and in tariff.