Bidding Process

Review and recommendation for bidding strategy
Gate review and periodic
reviews during the bid process
Risk identification and
analysis during the bidding phase
Definition of an execution plan, evaluation of possible partnerships and subcontracting plans

Project & Operation

Review and facilitating the setting up and start-up phase of new projects and operations
Gate review and periodic review of ongoing projects and operations as well as business units and subsidiaries
Auditing of resources and assets
Close out reporting and facilitating
the experience feedback loop
Recommendation and implementation
of possible improvements

Company structure

Improvement recommendation of corporate and company structure
Evaluation and set-up of partnerships
Evaluation of possible acquisition targets
Elaboration of strategic plans
Elaboration of scorecards and dashboards
Recommendation for operational and organisational improvements
Support for the implementation of improvements programs
Feedback loop close out and implementation of recommendations

Coaching and mentoring

For Directors and Managers in need of a sparring partner to discuss operational, strategic and commercial subjects
For newly promoted Directors and Managers in need of support in their start-up phase
For long serving Directors and Managers in need of a new vision and energy to bounce back up and / or to re-orient their career


Recommendation for externalization
Recommendation for subcontracting plans
Externalization of engineering and project management
Technical assistance

Special projects

We would also be happy to study any special needs you may have and propose to you some tailor-made solutions.


Bidding Process, Project, Operation, Maintenance,
Support, Company structure, Corporate structure, Special projects


Etuvo accompany your thinking process, and act as a sparring partner for your long-term projects.


Etuvo accompany you with flexible solutions, adapted to your situation and environment.


Etuvo pay attention to details when important, remain pragmatic when needed.


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